“David Goodman combines the attributes of an expert auctioneer with a vast knowledge of magic history and magic collectibles. This unique combination produces spirited bidding during a fast-moving auction that is both entertaining and educational.”
-Mike Caveney
"Engaging and professional, David Goodman ignites a room by making an auction participatory entertainment."
-David Regal

“I am in awe of David Goodman's vast knowledge of magic history, his delightful style with a room of buyers, and his expert handling of auction sales. An auction by David Goodman is a complete pleasure!”
– Todd Karr

“I was impressed with David's work conducting the auction. He has sharp timing and an engaging manner, and brought everything together.”
-Max Maven
“David Goodman is not only a skilled and entertaining auctioneer but also knowledgeable regarding magic and magic collectables. To use a different auctioneer for a magic auction would seem to be illogical.”
-Byron Walker
“David Goodman is the best auctioneer I've ever seen.
He's charming, funny and he knows his stuff. Nobody does it better.”
-Sandy Marshall
“David Goodman perched himself on a well-placed bar stool and launched into a fast-paced, hilarious auction patter. Immediately audience paddles started to wave up and down and internet bids poured into the room.”
-Annabel Gray
“David combines his extensive knowledge of the magic world with a theatrical flair that elevates mere auctioneering to a performance art. From the moment he takes the mic, David skillfully dominates the room with his charm, humor and lyrical magic.”
-Kerry Kistler